Northeast Plastics




DISPLAY CASE- Our clear cast acrylic material not only has a reputation for flawless appearance, it is also valued for its ease of fabrication. Material is also available with glass-green edge (as well as other colors), mimicking the look of glass.

INTERACTIVE EXHIBITS- Materials such as King ColorBoard® are perfect for interactive displays because they hold up over time, even in high traffic environments, and are also available in a variety of eye-catching and fun colors.

AQUARIUMS & ENCLOSURES- If you’re looking to build a window into nature’s world, our cast acrylic products have a reputation for performance. From aquariums to terrariums, our cast acrylics are easy to fabricate and clearer than glass, allowing you to realize the full potential of your design 

LIGHTING-Our LED light diffusing panels, developed for either edge lit or back lit applications, evenly disperse light and eliminate dead spots and hot spots.

SIGNAGE- We stock a broad array of materials for exterior and interior signage, including channel letters, exhibit rail, wayfinding, backlit and wall signs.

INTERIOR DESIGN- We stock a broad line of trend-setting acrylic products, including textured, frosted, colored and patterned, that will elevate any design.

SECURITY GLASS- Some things just require that additional level of security. In those cases, we have a variety of security and ballistic-grade material. These materials not only protect your most valuable assets, including employees and artwork, but they do so without compromising the customer service experience.