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up to 96"


up to 48"
Thickness: .01"-2"



up to 48"

Diameter: .125"-4.5"



up to 48"

Diameter: .375"-13"

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Product Overview


Phenolic sheets are a family high-strength, rigid materials made by laminating layers of paper, fabric, or glass with phenolic resin and curing them under heat and pressure. This process results in a material with high mechanical strength, dimensional stability, and resistance to heat and electrical insulation properties. By changing substrates, resins, and manufacturing processes, phenolics can be customized to fit almost any need. Additionally, phenolic sheets are available in various grades and finishes, catering to different performance requirements and aesthetic preferences.


Features and Benefits:

  • Low Moisture Absorption: Performs consistently even in humid conditions, keeping its integrity intact.
  • Customizable: By changing substrates and resins, phenolics can be customized to fit your exact needs.
  • Machinable: Dense and without voids, phenolics are perfect for drilling and tooling.
  • Durable: Wear proof, impact resistant, and high flexural strength, phenolics can be used in even the most demanding environments
  • Electrical insulator: Capable of resisting electrical currents, phenolics are used in consumer and industrial electronics.


  • Building and Construction: Capable of withstanding heavy loads and impacts, phenolics are a mainstay of the construction industry.
  • Food and Beverage: Some being NSF 51 certified, phenolics make great cutting boards and food handling surfaces.
  • Electronics: Phenolics make great circuitboards and electrical housings because of their high heat and electrical resistant.
  • Furniture: Available in many different patterns and easily machinable, they are a great option for furniture.
  • Industrial Machinery: Robust and long-lasting, suitable for parts that need to withstand tough conditions.


At Northeast Plastics, we offer a wide range of phenolic sheets, from paper and fabric variants to glass, each designed to meet specific industrial needs. Whether you need mechanical strength, thermal resistance, or chemical stability, we have the perfect phenolic for your application.

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