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High Impact Polystyrene

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up to 125"


up to 54"
Thickness: .02"-.187"

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Product Overview

HIPS- Commodity Thermoplastic

Features and Benefits:

  • Impact Resistant: Higher impact resistance than traditional polystyrene.
  • Printable: Can be printed on to create durable and long lasting signs and graphics.
  • Formable: Easy to machine, cut, and form into almost any shape.
  • Low Moisture Absorption: Performs consistently even in humid conditions, keeping its integrity intact.
  • Food Safe: FDA compliant for food processing.


  • Electronics: Its strength and thermoformability makes HIPS common for electronics housings.
  • Packaging: lightweight and cost effectivene makes HIPS is an excelent choice for packaging.
  • Displays: Durable and Printable, HIPS is commonly used for POP displays and more.
  • Food & Beverage: FDA approved for processing and handling.


At Northeast Plastics, we offer a variety of Hips grades, each designed to meet specific industrial needs. 

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