Northeast Plastics



The building and construction industry is a cornerstone of modern civilization. It shapes the world we live in, providing us with homes, offices, and infrastructures that define our daily lives. Yet, what many people don't realize is that plastics have become an integral part of this industry. Their versatile properties make them ideal for a wide range of applications, revolutionizing traditional construction methods and materials.

Commercial, Institutional, and Residential Greenhouses

Greenhouses are critical for agriculture, research, and even residential gardening. Traditional materials like glass and metal have limitations in terms of weight, cost, and flexibility. Enter plastics. With their lightweight, durable, and cost-effective properties, plastics have become a popular choice for greenhouse construction. They allow for innovative designs, efficient temperature control, and long-lasting structures, making them ideal for various settings from commercial to residential.

Entryway Canopies

First impressions matter, especially in the world of architecture. Entryway canopies serve not just as aesthetic elements but also as functional features, providing shelter from the elements. Plastics offer the best of both worlds. Their design flexibility allows for creative shapes and styles, while their durability ensures long-term performance, even in harsh weather conditions.

Bus Shelters and Specialty Enclosures

Public transportation is an essential part of modern urban life. Bus shelters and specialty enclosures, therefore, need to be practical, durable, and safe. Plastics meet all these criteria. Their transparent properties offer visibility, their lightweight nature makes installation easier, and their resistance to weather and vandalism makes them long-lasting.


A carport may seem like a simple structure, but it requires materials that can withstand various environmental conditions. Plastics are increasingly being used for this purpose. They offer excellent weather resistance, are easy to install, and come in various designs to complement the surrounding architecture.

Sloped and Curved Glazing

Modern architecture often features intricate designs, including sloped and curved glazing. Traditional materials like glass are not always feasible for such complex structures. Plastics, with their flexibility and strength, make these architectural dreams a reality. They are easier to shape and install, providing a robust and aesthetically pleasing solution.


Natural light is a coveted feature in any building. Skylights serve as an excellent source, but they must be made from materials that are both transparent and durable. Plastics fit the bill perfectly. They offer excellent light transmission while being resistant to impact, weather, and UV radiation.

Security Windows and Hurricane Glazing

Safety is a paramount concern in construction. Security windows and hurricane glazing are specialized applications where plastics excel. They offer the same clarity as glass but are much more resistant to impact. This makes them ideal for high-security areas and regions prone to severe weather conditions.

Sound Barriers

Noise pollution is a growing concern in urban areas. Sound barriers made from plastics offer an effective solution. They are lightweight, easy to install, and highly effective in dampening noise, making them ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Interior Partitions and Room Dividers

Space optimization is crucial in modern architecture. Interior partitions and room dividers made from plastics offer a versatile and aesthetically pleasing solution. They are lighter than traditional materials, making them easier to install and reconfigure as needed.

Lighting Lenses, Tubes, and Louvers

Good lighting is essential for any space. Plastics are widely used in lighting applications, from lenses and tubes to louvers. They offer excellent light diffusion properties and are available in various designs and finishes, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.


While glass mirrors are common, plastic mirrors offer a lightweight and shatter-resistant alternative. They are especially useful in areas where safety is a concern, such as children's rooms or public spaces.

Furniture, Benches, and Tables

Furniture made from plastics is not only stylish but also functional. It is lightweight, easy to clean, and resistant to wear and tear, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Corner Guards and Run Rails

Protecting the interiors of a building is as important as its exterior. Plastics are used for corner guards and run rails, offering a durable and cost-effective solution to prevent wear and tear.

Caulking and Sealants

Sealing gaps and cracks is crucial for energy efficiency and structural integrity. Plastic-based caulking and sealants offer excellent adhesion and flexibility, ensuring a tight seal that lasts.


Plastic pipes have largely replaced metal ones in modern construction. They are lighter, easier to install, and resistant to corrosion, making them ideal for various applications from plumbing to HVAC systems.

Wiring Jacketing

Electrical safety is a primary concern in construction. Plastics are widely used as jacketing material for wires, offering excellent insulation and fire-resistant properties.


In any mechanical system, bearings are crucial for smooth operation. Plastic bearings offer a low-friction and durable alternative to metal ones, reducing maintenance and increasing efficiency.


From greenhouses to skyscrapers, plastics are revolutionizing the building and construction industry. Their unique properties make them an ideal choice for a myriad of applications, offering innovative solutions that are not only functional but also sustainable. As we continue to build the future, it is clear that plastics will play an increasingly important role, shaping the world in ways we can only begin to imagine.